Welcome to Australia’s fastest growing Business Club for women.

We love working with women who've had the courage to dump the day job to chase their dreams.

Our members are excited about their business dreams but they also know what it takes to build a really successful business. They come to SHE Business for group coaching, mentoring, business education, mindset mastery, phenomenal community, support, inspiration and networking.

No matter where you are on your business journey - Start-up, Manic Growth or Exit Ready - SHE Business has a membership that will take you on the journey to create a sustainable, leveraged or saleable business.

Every woman business-owner can become part of She Business; simply choose whether you're a Sapphire, Diamond or Emerald kind of woman and book to visit any one of the She Business groups taking place most every day around Sydney. If in any doubt call us, we love being of service and we're here to make your business dreams a reality.

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Videos and Articles

Rebecca Saunders

Making the most of social media

(Guest post by Rebecca Saunders, The Delicatessen)   Social media is one of those things that is undeniably crucial for a business in 2014, but knowing where to start can be incredibly overwhelming. There is a plethora of resources, discourse and tips online, but knowing which to heed can be difficult when you’re new to social media marketing.   We’ve … [Read More...]

Evelyn Lundstrom

The Secret To Looking Chic

Guest post by Evelyn Lundström, First Impressions Image Training & Consulting   Let’s face it – dressing for the day is often the most heroic thing one does that day!   You’ve got to brave a wardrobe full of clothes on an empty stomach and, once dressed and out the door, it’s too late to fix an outfit malfunction. You’re wearing something that … [Read More...]

Claire Wendell

You can do your own SEO audits!

(Guest post by Claire Wendell from Click Click Media)   Business owners often pay companies to do SEO audits or even subscribe to software to check their websites. There are some little-known tricks anyone can do to check their website for errors simply by knowing what search operators to enter into the Google search box.   What is a search … [Read More...]

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