Welcome to Australia’s fastest growing Business Club for women.

We love working with women who've had the courage to dump the day job to chase their dreams.

Our members are excited about their business dreams but they also know what it takes to build a really successful business. They come to SHE Business for group coaching, mentoring, business education, mindset mastery, phenomenal community, support, inspiration and networking.

No matter where you are on your business journey - Start-up, Manic Growth or Exit Ready - SHE Business has a membership that will take you on the journey to create a sustainable, leveraged or saleable business.

Every woman business-owner can become part of She Business; simply choose whether you're a Sapphire, Diamond or Emerald kind of woman and book to visit any one of the She Business groups taking place most every day around Sydney. If in any doubt call us, we love being of service and we're here to make your business dreams a reality.

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Videos and Articles

Susan Tsigaros.png

If talk is cheap, let conversation be priceless!

(Guest post by Sue Tsigaros, She Business Group Mentor and Founder of Iris Group Coaching)   They say ‘Talk is Cheap’. Promises can easily be made and just as easily broken. But what happens when there is really something at stake?   Sadly it’s often easier to postpone, avoid or deflect a conversation that might be challenging, than to cross the line … [Read More...]

Denia Mariano

Content marketing vs inbound marketing – what is the difference?

(Guest post by Denia Mariano, Pixel Inbound)   Despite being two disciplines which are clearly interconnected, they are, in my opinion, two different concepts. Not everyone doing content marketing is necessarily using inbound marketing principles, especially SMB’s and the agencies that work with them.   Content Marketing is about the message; … [Read More...]

Joanna Maxwell

How can a fish help you solve a work problem?

(Guest post by Joanna Maxwell, Work In Colour)   Fishbone diagrams (also called cause and effect diagrams or Ishikawa diagrams) help you to think through the causes of a problem thoroughly. They encourage you to consider all possible causes of the problem, rather than just the most obvious ones.   It can be essential to know the real causes of a … [Read More...]

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